Bachelorette Party Finalists

The time has finally come for a winner to be chosen for the “Boudoir Style or Your Style” Bachelorette Party!  To keep things fair my intern picked the finalist and YOU will pick the winner!
The brides to be were asked 1) Why do you want to win a Bachelorette Party  &  2) Why are your girlfriends the best?
Just leave a comment with who you are voting for and the finalist with the most votes (one vote per person please) by June 15th will win. Thank you for all the girls who entered, I had a ton of entries and it was fun to read through everyone’s answers.
Want your own Bachelorette  Boudoir Party?!  Check out this special or let me create a custom package for you!Here are the 8 finalist:

– I want to win the Bachelorette Party because I have been wanting to do a boudoir session for a REALLY long time for my fiance. As I have been telling all of my friends about this idea, they have all been getting ridiculously excited about the idea as well. Unfortunately our combined finances do not allow us to do the kind of photo sessions we would like. We have all been unable to agree on a great idea for my bachelorette party so far but I know this would be perfect since it is something we all are trying to do for ourselves anyway!
– My girlfriends are the best because I have been friends with all of them for years, some even since middle school if you can believe it. Instead of just a group of girls who are all fairly similar and who are all interested in the same thing, well, we couldn’t be more different. Seriously, we have it all – conservative, liberal, artistic, rational, irrational (lol), flirty, shy, loud, etc. Despite all of our differences, all of my girlfriends are the most dependable friends I have ever had. We are all very busy with school, work, family, and everything else that life has been throwing at us lately but when one of us is in trouble, no one hesitates to drop everything to help out – kind of like a family but a lot more fun and a LOT less dysfunctional…

-I want to win the Bachelorette Party because I love my girls so much I would do anything for them. I have survived losing close friends and moving cross country to be with my fiance hundreds of miles from all my family and they have kept me optimistic and helped me make friends here.
-My girlfriends are the best because they listen to all of my rants and crazy bad ideas before they give me a much needed dose of reality and tough love support. I am a good girl from Alabama who needs a wild night out before she gets married!

– I want my Bachelorette Party photographed because I want to remember it forever!
– My girlfriends are the best because they are so giving, helpful, fun, smart, & beautiful!

– I want to win the Bachelorette Party because each of the six girls in my wedding party are from different states: Ohio, Tennessee, Colorado, Mississippi, and Pennsylvania. Most of us moved to Memphis to go to school, which is where we met. We all graduated together in 2007. Other than my wedding day there will probably not be another opportunity for us to all be together for several years. This group of women have made a huge impact on my life. I would love the chance to share a special day with them, which would  probably not happen otherwise  because of the expense of traveling across the country to attend a bachelorette party in addition to the wedding. Having the opportunity to get together for a short time like we used to, would be one of the highlights of my year.
– My girlfriends are the best because no amount of time or distance has varnished our relationship. We have all stayed very close even though we have to contend with time zone differences and hundreds of miles between us. We may not get to see each other very often but each one of the women in my wedding plays a vital role in my life.

Avital – I want to win the Bachelorette Party because…. I have had to wait so long to get married because my fiance is currently serving a tour of duty in Afghanistan. When the time finally does come, I want to celebrate as much as I can!
-My girlfriends are the best because…… I’ve known them forever. I have been their bridesmaids and they will be mine. They are genuine, caring, genuine — and fun! — ladies that deserve the best.

– I want my Bachelorette Party photographed because it’d be memorable.
– My girlfriends are the best because they are supportive, loving and fun.

– I want to win the Bachelorette Party because….  my girls are hot and a lot of fun….my name is Nichole and I think it’s a match made in heaven!
– My girlfriends are the best because……  they love to laugh, are no shy and are great to be around with! I can always count on them!

Tamara– I want to win the Bachelorette Party because… as graduate students, my friend Ali and I are both getting married with a minimum of fuss; we haven’t had time or money to kick it and celebrate like we’d like. This would be a way for us lo let go and let down our hair in a safe environment. We spend a lot of time being careful not to do anything that might get back to our students, or slow our program down, or tick our advisers off… If I were to win, there would be two bridal celebrants; Ali (who gets married in July) would never think to enter a contest like this, even though she’s a fantastic dancer. This would also allow me to have all my Maids of Awesome (who live in three cities, across three time zones) together for the first time. Grad students need a break. We’re not bad; we just made bad life choices!
– My girlfriends are the best… because some of them have been around forever; some of them have been front and center for my biggest crashes and burns; some of my friends have stood next to me even as I tried to hurt them, and I have stood by them in similar circumstances. But to a woman, I could not have dreamed up a more diverse and perfect support system. These women are my rocks.


Contest Rules: The winner will receive 1 nights stay in 1 hotel room chosen by Nicole Nichols Photography (in either Denver or New Orleans), champagne, a mini boudoir session for each girl, & a $50 print credit for the bride. The winner will also be given the option to pass on the hotel room & boudoir photos in exchange for having their night documented for up to 3 hours or until I’m kicked out (strip clubs don’t allow cameras). Photos will be revealed at a private Image Unveiling Party at Nicole Nichols Photography studio. Each guest will also receive a $20 print credit .  Nicole Nichols will be your personal photographer and therefore must be available on the requested date.
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