Kelsey’s Boudoir Album

Kelsey wanted to give her husband a special & unique wedding gift so she asked me to do some fun & sexy boudoir pictures to surprise him with.
For our photo shoot I transformed her home into a studio by finding interesting corners, getting creative with the lighting, and using props that I brought or we found around her home.
It’s always fun to find an outfit that will be special to your man! Kelsey’s fiancee is a huge Lakers fan, so we had to do some shots in his Lakers tank top, and we even found a tiny toy basketball to use as a prop!
If anyone is trying to think of a special gift for their husbands, you can’t go wrong with a boudoir photo shoot! Most likely you’ve been working out for months, taking extra special care of your hair, and are looking hot in preparation for your wedding day … so why not show that off with some fun sexy photos?
And it really doesn’t matter your size or if you consider yourself model material … your man is marrying you for you and he will love you for giving him a small private book of pictures he can take with him while he’s away or keep under his bed for those lonely nights, or even to look at on your 50th wedding anniversary! Contact me for boudoir tips and more information!

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