Who would have known taking engagement pictures would be such a dangerous job! We’re just minding our own business walking around Red Rocks park in Morrison, CO and out of nowhere a huge snake slivers across our path! Actually if my intern didn’t see it first I probably would have stepped right on it. I always say its good to have an assistant on shoots as my 2nd set of eyes to watch out for hairs out of place, revealing bra straps…oh and to make sure no snakes are in the shot. I wonder now…does my insurance cover snake bites…or yikes what if one of my clients would have gotten attacked…would have made for some interesting pictures, but not the kind you want to hang on your wall! Luckily, Stephanie & Dane were not too freaked out by the snake and were able to finish walking the path without crossing paths with more serpents. Thank you guys for being such good sports about it.  It helps me to know that you will be just as calm & collective for your wedding day…as I think that snake would have even scared off some of Tyra’s top models (it was a LOT bigger then my picture, that is just the small tail end)!  Well at least we shouldn’t have anything like that to worry about at Peace Lutheran Church or Stonebrook Manor where Stephanie & Dane will be getting married this fall. But next time I’m doing a wedding at Red Rocks I will certainly have my assistant there for snake watch!
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