Denver Photographer: Couple Anniversary Pictures

romance on the river

romance on the river

Angela & Pete have been lovers since college and got married right after they graduated.  Life has certainly changed a lot for them since their carefree college days.  They now have 3 gorgeous kids together and as most parents can relate, take on the daily challenges of balancing kids and a career.  And when it feels like you’re always thinking about what you’re going to cook for dinner, which client you need to call back, or fixing the next thing on your “to do list,” its very hard to remember the importance of your own relationship as husband and wife.  Which is just one reason why I LOVE when couples contact me for anniversary portraits.  For way too many married couples, they haven’t had their pictures taken together since their wedding day, at least not without their children included too.  And of course family portraits are important, but so is celebrating the relationship that led to those kids in the first place!  An anniversary photo session helps a couple rekindle the romance while having a fun unique date together.  And of course some updated pictures of yourselves, without the big white dress and the tux you only wore once, is great to have too!   Angela is now a professional portrait photographer, but when she planned her wedding photography was hardly on her mind.  So when she told me she doesn’t have any fun romantic wedding day portraits and wants to document the love between her and her husband, I was more then happy to capture some pictures for them.

Angela & Pete are a fun adventurous couple that love the great outdoors.  So I found a trail for us to explore that made for a fun hike and beautiful pictures.  With 3 kids its not easy finding time to get out just as a couple.  But for this evening instead of being “mom and dad” they got to just enjoy each other’s company and be “Angela & Pete.”   They chatted about their wedding memories, kissed a lot, and walked on water…well maybe not literally but there was definitely lots of water play (see below).

Colorado Anniversary Portaits

Colorado Anniversary Portaits

do you remember your wedding day?

Colorado Anniversary Portaits

Colorado Anniversary Portaits

couple in woods sunset

how many sunsets have we seen together?

couple on stone wall

lets have some fun together

couple holding hands over river

I want to hold your hand

romance on the river

romance on the river

couple in woods sunsetromance on the river

couple wading in river

sometimes you just have to take your shoes off and get your feet wet

couple playing in the water

how often do we get to just play together?

couple playing in the water

fun and romance on the river

couple on bridge

one last kiss at sunset

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Kathryn Kim - Ahh I love the shots in the river! These are so stunning, beautiful job!June 1, 2018 – 12:39 pm

Valeria - Happy anniversary to this couple! Such a beautiful session. I love the ones on the rocks!May 31, 2018 – 11:57 pm

Jolie Rodriguez - What a great ideas to do a session to keep that flame alive! Just beautiful!May 31, 2018 – 4:13 pm

ginny - This location and light is perfect for this stunning couple. So adorable!!!May 31, 2018 – 2:10 pm

Kaleigh - Awww this session is so sweer! I love the location!May 31, 2018 – 1:59 pm

Kara Pearson - Such a romantic session. I especially like the black and white image where they are sitting by the river. Nice job!May 31, 2018 – 1:34 pm

kyla - This is soo perfect, I loveee River engagement sessions. Beautiful work!!!May 31, 2018 – 1:18 pm

Jennifer K - How wonderful of them to take time to do a session like this! Wonderful photos — really makes me want an escape to the mountains to hike & play in the water! Beautiful job!May 31, 2018 – 1:14 pm

Anna Bruce | - Awww <3 Love that they were able to do this. Photos are so important <3 You did a beautiful job of capturing them 😀May 31, 2018 – 12:00 pm

Ashley - They have 3 kids?! They look 25 and newly engaged. Perfect anniversary session!May 31, 2018 – 11:55 am

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