Just in the past month or so I’ve been doing a lot of head shots and what I call “personality shots” for professionals looking to update their image. Now a days with everyone networking through social sites like Face Book and Linked In, it is very important to have a profile picture that looks professional and updated. If you use an old photo it can give people the idea that you’re younger then you are and you may be unrecognizable to them in person. And if you attempt to take the picture yourself it can lead others to believe that you are not very professional or successful enough to afford a professional photo. Anyway….just my 2 cents…Here are some recent head shots I did along with personality shots which are becoming popular as a way to portray more of your style and show prospective clients who you are.   With their companies Wedding and Event Sitting by Charity (I can sure think of a few weddings that I wish had her baby sitting service) and Legacy Events by Emily, both of these gals wanted images to show off their fun and cheery personalities.  If you are thinking of getting some professional photos done contact me for some tips that will help you get the most out of your photo shoot.
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charity head shot portrait denverhead shot portrait denvergreen grass portraithead shot portrait denverhead shot portrait denverhead shot portrait denverhead shot portrait denveremily head shot bwemily horizontal head shot

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