Trash the Dress Photography in New Orleans

New Orleans…the gothic city of romance & grunge is a perfect place for a Trash the Dress style photo shoot. The scene was perfect…a bride in an antique wedding dress, amongst the grime of the French Quarter, the beauty of the architecture, & oak trees lit up by old street lights. Frenchmen St., the locals’ Bourbon St….without the strip clubs & cheesy DJ’s…with extra soul and character….my favorite place to meet…and a perfect backdrop. The sunlight dropped fast, but with the amazing ISO capabilities of my Nikon D700 camera, low light and night time photography becomes a welcome challenge. Thank you Michelle for going all out on this shoot, with the antique lace veil and feather eyelashes to top it off. If you want to see more pictures from this photo shoot and other trash the dress style shoots, please go to my website and click on “Sexy & Fun Gallery.” Whether it’s the day after your wedding, your 2 year anniversary, or just a fun shoot in your mom’s 1970’s wedding dress, trash the dress photo shoots are a great way to get that dress out of the closet and shown off like it should be! And of course you don’t have to literally “trash” the dress…that’s just become the modern term for a post wedding day bridal photo shoot. With no ceremony to rush off to or formal pictures left to take, the bride becomes free to relax and do as she wishes…or dares.

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Nicole Nichols Photography - Good point, but “Trash the Dress” is more of a phrase then a reality. These photo session more so just refer to doing bridal portraits after the wedding (instead of the traditional ones before the wedding), therefore its not a big deal if the dress gets a little dirty. Of course some people do have the desire to literally trash their dress, whether its through rolling around in dirt or setting it on fire….but that’s pretty rare. For the most part brides are just super excited to have another excuse to wear their dress after their wedding day!July 12, 2013 – 8:16 pm

Chapel of the Flowers - While these do make for some cool pictures I would be very hesitant to go out in my wedding dress given the possibility of ruining it.July 12, 2013 – 1:10 pm

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