Denver best boudoir photographer

What is Boudoir photography?
The word “boudoir” originally comes from the French and refers to a woman’s bedroom.  In modern terms it is used to refer to beautiful, sensual photos of females.

I’m single, I’m old, I’m  huge, can I still do boudoir photography?
No matter your size,  age, or relationship status anyone can and should do a boudoir photography session.   I often have people say that they want to do a boudoir session but don’t have a significant other to give the image to.  I say “do it for yourself!”   Having beautiful images of yourself as you are now will make you feel good and will be something you will forever be thankful for having done.  If you choose to share those images with a loved one down the road, well I’m sure that person will be ecstatic about it,  but just because you don’t have someone now is no reason to wait.  I have photographed woman as young as 18 up to 60+ years of age, so please don’t let your age be a factor.  Beauty also comes in all shapes and sizes so flaunt those curves, or lack of them, I will help you look your best!

Where do you do your boudoir sessions?
I have a studio space located in central Denver that is perfect for sexy & romantic boudoir photos!  However, I also love to do on-location boudoir sessions in unique places such as a hidden park, an abandoned farm, or even  your favorite bar or hotel.  I have also done a lot of boudoir photo shoots in people’s homes for those looking for a more personalized look.

Do you provide hair & makeup?
I have a few amazing hair & makeup artists that work with me. They can provide false lashes, up-dos, and can even stay on sight during your shoot to give you multiple different looks or touch-ups with each outfit.  You can do your own if you prefer, but I do highly recommend letting a professional do the work so you can relax knowing they will bring out your best for the camera! Hair & Makeup is included with my Deluxe sessions or it can be added on to a standard session as well.

Can I do the session with a friend, or even with a group of girlfriends?
We love to do sessions with one or multiple friends involved, it really turns it into a party!  Keep in mind these typically involve much shorter sessions for each person, but is also a great way to share the initial costs.  Want a unique idea for a bachelorette or birthday party?  We have done quite a few boudoir parties and can help you plan yours!  Call us for more information. *We are currently not recommending this during Covid

Can you explain in more detail how your sessions work?

BEFORE THE SHOOT: All photo sessions include a Consultation with the photographer, myself, to help define your style and unique vision.  At this time we will go over all the details and decide on a location, date, and other options that will work best for your photography needs.  Following your booking you will receive our Style Guide and we will help you along the way with outfit choices, prep tips, and all the details to make sure you have an amazing experience with us!

DURING THE SHOOT: For your photo session expect to have fun and feel like a goddess!  I always provide posing assistance to make sure your best angles are photographed, no previous experience is necessary!

AFTER THE SHOOT: We will schedule a time for you to do your Photo Reveal, the really fun part!  At this time I will reveal all your edited images and help you narrow down the best ones for your order.  Then you can let me know if you have any specific retouching requests and we will figure out the best products to show off your images, whether its in a print box, book, or as wall art. 

So how much does a boudoir photo session cost?
We have a few different packages to choose from. One of our most popular, the Studio Session, is $390. and includes:
• Private access of our boudoir studio or an outdoor/on-location session within 20 miles of Denver
• Up to 4 outfits
• Full service & professional guidance through the entire process- from selecting the right outfits to posing during your photo shoot.
• Professional Editing
•  Remote or in-person Photo Reveal with the artist

What type of products do you offer?
Most people choose one of the boudoir books, which come with your favorite images in a fine art book with your choice of paper and covers.  We also have many other products such as print boxes, wall art, digitals, and even a music video!  We will review all of these options before your session but you do not have to make any final decisions until you see the images during your Photo Reveal.  And you are never obligated to purchase anything. Thankfully this has never happened…but if for any reason you are unhappy with your images you will be under no obligation to purchase any products.   (Click here to check out some of our product options)

Do you retouch the images?
YES!  Even supermodels need a little touching up.  Moderate retouching such as blemish removal, teeth whitening, and skin smoothing are included on all of your ordered images.  Extensive retouching, such as removing tattoos or braces may be requested for an additional fee.

Do you post my images online?
Due to the private nature of these images we do not post any images from your session online without permission.  With your approval we may ask to share a few of your images in certain places such as  in our portfolio or on our blog, but this is totally your choice.

Can I get the digital files to print the images myself?
Yes, we do offer digital file options.  However, trust us, boudoir pictures are not the kind of images you want to be uploading online to a consumer print lab or taking to the teenage boy at Target to print for you.  Not only are you risking your images being used without your consent, but you don’t want to end up with poor quality prints of yourself with green tinted skin. We take great care in making sure your images are protected and do not get into the wrong hands.  We only print through high quality professional photography labs that have a great reputation and are accustomed to working with our fine art boudoir images.

I want to do a boudoir session for a Valentines/ Birthday/ Anniversary/ Wedding gift, how far in advance do I need to book?
If you have a specific date in mind, whether its for a birthday gift or to surprise your husband with on your wedding day, please let us know when booking.  Most people do book 2-3 months out. Minimum we need for the whole process is 3-9 weeks, depending on scheduling and what you order. We can typically do your Consultation within 48hrs, and if we can fit you in our schedule we can do your photo shoot as soon as 5-10 days out. However, editing for your Photo Reveal takes 1-2 weeks, and then expect 2- 8 weeks to receive your prints or album, depending on what you order.  A lot of it depends on how busy we are and how flexible your schedule is. If you are one of those that like to wait till the last minute and are afraid it’s already too late please contact us before writing it off.  We have been known to perform miracles.

All right, no more procrastinating, I’m ready to do this!  How do I schedule a session?
Schedule your Consultation with us! Not quite ready for a consult? Then fill out this form to receive more information. Do it NOW before you get distracted or forget.  You can also call Nicole at 720-470-9849 or email nicolenicholsphoto@gmail.com.   We will make sure all your questions and concerns are answered and get you scheduled for your fun & sexy photo shoot!