Albums: Tell your story with these gorgeous deluxe albums that include a matching box for keeping your images safe. A personal favorite of this Denver photographer!

boudoir books

 Print Boxes:

Put some images on display & keep the others secretly stored in these gorgeous keepsake boxes.

custom wooden boudoir print boxes
We have a variety of styles available including these custom handmade wooden ones with leather binding and the option to engrave your name or a love message.
custom wooden boudoir print box
custom wooden boudoir print box
boudoir print box
Our modern fine art print boxes come in either jet black or pearl white with a sassy but sweet glittery bow.
fine art print box for boudoir pictures

Wall Art:
The best pictures should hang up high and remind you every day of the best you!
Metal, Canvas, and Fine Art Prints are available.

sample of boudoir wall art in the bedroom

Digital & Video Options Also Available!

Whether you want a mobile app for your spouse when he gets bored at work, or if you want to show off your HOTness all over the internet, we do offer digital options as well. And we can even create a fun personal video for you to play on your TV at home (or all over the Internet if you really want). Contact us for more details.

So what does this all cost?

Prices do vary greatly depending on what you choose. Our custom portrait products start at $495 and Collections (a mix of the best products) start at $899. Most people do invest between $1200-3200 on their boudoir products, some a lot less, some a lot more. Unlike some Denver photographers, we do not require a minimum, so only purchase what you want.

What are your Payment Options?

I have a few different options that you can choose from:
1) Pay in full the day of your session or during your Photo Reveal.

2) A Payment Plan through Nicole Nichols Photography.  We can set up a simple payment plan that will automatically deduct monthly or bi-weekly payments from your credit or debit account. This payment plan is interest-free up to 3 months. Payment plans for 4-6 months acquire a 4% interest fee applied to your remaining balance. Payment plans for 7-12 months acquire a 6% interest. Products are not delivered until paid in full.

3) Pre-Payment Plan: As soon as you book your session with us start a payment plan that will go towards purchasing your favorite products!

4) PayPal Credit (Most Popular Option). This Payment Plan is through PayPal and is interest-free up to 6 months. It is kind of like a credit card. I get paid in full with this option and you pay your products off through PayPal, which means you will receive your products much quicker. Apply here to see if you are approved: https://creditapply.paypal.com/

Products are not delivered until we receive full payment. If you know you are going to want your products as soon as possible after your session, then your best options are to pay in advance, pay in full, or pay via PayPal credit.

Please Contact us with any questions