Many of you have already noticed the change. Some of you may have been wondering – what is going on with her? So I’m coming out, it’s true- I am making big changes in my business! After 10+ years of specializing in weddings I am now focusing my energy on helping women feel powerful & beautiful with boudoir photography! My main goal now is to positively impact the lives of other females with a fun and empowering experience, while also providing gorgeous portraits that will refresh their love for themselves and remind them every time they see their pictures of the awesome goddess that they are!

So why the change now? Well, to be honest this is something I have been considering for 3 years, since the birth of my 2nd child. I have always loved doing boudoir photo shoots, but weddings were my first passion and the lifeblood of my business. However, when I had kids my life changed and I started debating switching my focus to something less stressful with a more flexible schedule. I went back and forth for years, talked with a life coach about it, talked it over with my family and some close friends, and still wasn’t sure if I wanted to make the jump. And then I went to an incredible photography conference in St.Louis and it clarified my decision. I only signed up for boudoir related classes and I met and talked with other boudoir photographers and that’s when it really hit me – YES, this is what I want to do! And the more I dive into it, the more I realize how many women desperately need a little extra self-esteem boost, and how incredibly moving a boudoir photo shoot can be! The “Me Too” movement is also bringing a lot of this to light and now that I have a daughter, I feel compelled to help empower women in the best way I know how- with photography!

What about weddings? I still LOVE weddings, even after documenting well over 200 of them over the past 14 YEARS!! So I’m not going to quit completely. I already have a few weddings for 2020, all happen to be at my favorite venues, and I am totally stoked about them! AND I got to photography 2 destination weddings in New Orleans this year, how awesome is that?! I have been blessed that so many former couples send me referrals and I think it would make me too sad to just stop (and miss out on cake!). I am just going to strongly limit how many I accept. I used to miss out on so many adventures- camping trips, music festivals, birthday parties, etc…because I was either doing a wedding or an engagement session every weekend. And while it didn’t bother me too much before kids, it’s so important for me now to have that time with my family. I’m also finding that smaller intimate weddings and elopements are on the rise in Colorado, and OMG, I am really loving those! So please don’t stop sending me your wedding and engagement referrals, especially if its for an artsy couple with only 20 guests at the Clocktower or Grant Humphrey’s Mansion in downtown Denver. 😉

What about headshots or other portrait sessions? Yes, I will still do those too! I am in no way going to be exclusively a boudoir photographer. I get bored easily, I like to mix it up with all kinds of photography jobs from documenting events to photographing high school seniors. But I’m a one-woman shop and I can’t realistically build a brand or a business around EVERYTHING. I only have 20 hrs/wk while my kids are in school (next year they will both be “full-time” woohoo!), so I’m trying really hard to focus on the jobs that I do best, bring me joy, and fit my new life as a mom. And I will be honest and send you to another photographer if you are looking for something that I don’t like to do, like posed newborns- they definitely require someone who specializes in them, and that is not me!

So expect a lot more changes to come. I will be rebuilding my website, re-branding, and am fully jumping on the female empowerment train! This definitely won’t all happen overnight, heck it took me 3 yrs to overcome my fear of change and make the decision to do this and another 4 months since attending the conference to even write this blog (my kids starting school this week certainly helped too, lol). So please stay tuned, please keep following me, and join my new females only group on Facebook for some fun feminine inspiration.

And below are a few of my pictures from the photography convention I went to where I got to really dive into boudoir. It was so inspiring getting to work alongside so many other great photographers and play with all these different forms of lighting. I would love to know which one of these pictures are your favorite, or you could see yourself doing? And yea, some of these women are professional models, but half of them are just regular woman that wanted to give a boudoir photo shoot a try. By the way…if you are doubtful that boudoir photography can change your life for the better then I challenge you to try it! Because I strongly believe that EVERY women- no matter your size, age, race, or religion, should do a boudoir photo shoot. Contact me to find out what its all about. Or go to my boudoir FAQ page for a lot more information.

black and white boudoir photography
fun sexy boudoir photography
fun sexy boudoir photograph
boudoir photography
girl having fun with boudoir photography
another photographer having fun with boudoir photography
models pose for a workshop on boudoir photography
models pose for a workshop on boudoir photography
dramatic boudoir lighting
black and white boudoir photography by Denver photographer Nicole Nichols
another photographer takes a turn testing out doing a boudoir photo shoot
black and white boudoir photography by Denver photographer Nicole Nichols

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